I’ve decided to start blogging again. Well, obviously. 

This blog, I’ve decided, will be a little bit of whatever strikes my fancy.  I love talking about and experimenting with makeup; I enjoy dressing up and exploring fashion, dark and otherwise (I can be quite the Judgy McFashionpants, let me tell you); I adore my pets and telling stories about the cute things they do and the odd dynamic they have; and I have so many adventures with my husband in and around Washington, DC and on our travels to various places.  I may even just diary a bit. So many stories to tell – I hope you enjoy reading it all. 

There will also be photos.  Of my makeup experiments, outfits, museums and attractions we see, my pets (I did mention how much I love them, right?) and of course, cemeteries.  

Regarding the name I chose for the blog:  I really wanted to call it Cemetery Dance for some reason. I love beautiful old cemeteries, and wish I got to visit more.  That also happens to be the title of one of the books in a series I particularly like by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  But of course you know that Cemetery Dance was already taken!  So I decided to name it after another of the books in the series. Reliquary and Cabinet of Curiosities were both taken.  Still Life with Crows just wasn’t right.  Two Graves hasn’t come out yet, but the cover is lovely. I think it will fit very nicely.

The photo showing above (at least for now) was taken at a cemetery we happened upon while in Cancun, Mexico. It was a surprise to both of us, really, as it was in the middle of the resort we were staying at.  You can’t tell from the above image, but the cemetery is on a little plateau, underneath which a hollow has been carved out and decorated to look as if the whole thing sits atop a pyramid.  Inside the hollow is a very large shrine made of who knows how many centuries of melted candle wax. It was very lovely and the photos I took hardly do it justice.

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