Pants and Color and Photos – Oh My!

It’s easy to tell when I’m stressed and/or exhausted – I start wearing more pants.

Pants look great on some people.  A nice, tailored pantsuit especially, can be quite flattering. But I don’t care for them, as a general rule.  I don’t feel I look as nice in pants as I do in a skirt or dress. I am very short.  Almost every pair of pants I have ever bought has been too long and until recently getting them to a tailor has been a bit of a pain.  So I tended to feel frumpy in pants that covered my shoes and pooled in the floor. Then, too, I gained a bit of weight after I stopped smoking, and none of the pants I owned fit anymore.  After a bit of denial, I’ve realized that even if I stay on track and lose some of the weight, I’ll probably never be a size three again (and really, is that such a bad thing?).  So I purchased a couple of pair of really nice pants and have had them hemmed appropriately.  Living in the city, there are tailors literally everywhere, and none of them close for lunch at noon and for the day at five!

Even so, pants remain my go-to only when I’m just too stressed or tired to put much thought into an outfit.  They’re easy – you don’t have to worry about stockings or shaving.  Any pair of heels will do, since they’re mostly going to be covered anyway. They work with a variety of tops from shells to tanks to tees to sweaters, so it’s really a matter of “grab and go.”  The worse thing that can happen is that I wind up in two shades of black.  And honestly, if I’m at the point where I’m wearing pants, I’m not going to be inclined to care.

That’s where color comes in, too.  You see, I own exactly six tops that aren’t black.  Two are red, three are white or off-white, and one is purple.  They’re all easy to spot in the sea of black that is my closet, and I know they’re tops; so if I reach into my closet and snag one of these bits of non-black, I know I have a top and I’m pretty sure it will go with black pants without having to give it much thought. At my old job, it was something of a joke:  everyone knew when I showed up in a red top, I had overslept that morning.  

The past six months have been really stressful at Casa de Lucard.  Our bunny Mr. Chewie Biteums has been sick since March, and we’re only now finding out what was wrong after he’s been under the wrong treatment for five months.  Husband has to hand feed him with a syringe several times a day to keep his weight up (he simply will not eat enough on his own) and keep his six plus medications straight.  To say that this has been hard on him is a severe understatement, and when he’s stressed, I’m stressed.  It’s catching up to me in a big way.  Wouldn’t you know it, work picks this time to get crazy, too.  As much as I love my job, as much as I enjoy dressing up, and as much as I love gothing up a good work outfit, I just haven’t had the energy the last few weeks.  Getting in a few extra precious minutes of sleep has been the priority, for both of us.

That’s also why there haven’t been any pictures yet.  I had hoped to share some of my more interesting outfits here from time to time.  Even if there had been some, though, we haven’t had time to take any decent pictures.  As I’m trying to throw myself together and get out the door, Husband is trying to work and feed our sick rabbit!  I really need to learn how to take decent outfit pictures in a mirror!

I was able to dress up rather nicely for our outing to the local theater to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  Unfortunately, not a single photo came out good.  Husband was more interested in goofing off than getting a decent shot.  All of them are blurry, and several are of me talking, making faces at him, and once, me walking away! Not that I really mind – it was nice to see him smiling and having fun again, even if it was only for a few minutes.   I’m hoping to wear the same outfit for the next Cool Thing We Do (whenever that is).  It consisted of a long, straight, black skirt, fishnets, a sleeveless lace top, and a satin underbust corset.  I wasn’t able to achieve the slightly burlesque look I was going for that day, but I loved the outfit and will definitely wear it again.

I’m planning to participate in Sophistique Noir’s Monthly Theme for September.  That will probably have a ton of very old photos. There will also be photos in Part Two of OMG SHEWS!  I can’t talk about my wedge heeled workout shoes and not show you how wonderfully hideous they are!


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One Response to Pants and Color and Photos – Oh My!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think I own three red shirts, two gray ones, four black ones, three black skirts, three pairs of black shorts, and one pair of blue jeans. That’s about it for my day to day wear these days. Not having a day job means I don’t need a wardrobe. It also means I don’t have a wardrobe, if you know what I mean 😛 So I for one will enjoy seeing your fashion photo layouts!

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