Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme – Hosiery


We interupt your regularly scheduled Frankenstorm Post to bring you this Monthly Theme! Because I do love legwear, and this month’s theme is hosiery.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I hate pantyhose, but believe they’re sometimes necessary.  I much prefer stockings, and I will admit it’s partly because I simply cannot feel sexy or feminine in pantyhose.  Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been able to wear stockings lately.  The bands pinch and irritate my skin really badly.  I know I should suck it up and go with the garter belt, but I’m so frazzled in the morning the morning, I just don’t have time (or intelligence enough) to wrestle with it.

If one must wear pantyhose, for whatever reason, I highly recommend Talbot’s. They last forever and in my experience they can be washed in the washing machine.

While I certainly have nothing against black stockings, I find that for work, I gravitate toward a sheer, pale nude:

My normal work look – Pale Nude by Talbot’s

It’s funny (at least to me) that I don’t have the same hatred for tights that I do for pantyhose.  Maybe because, as a friend suggested, they seem to be more breathable.  Whatever the reason, tights are necessary in the winter when you have to wait fifteen to twenty minutes in the cold for a bus!  Since I work for a fairly conservative company I tend to stick with plain, opaque black ones.  As a matter of fact, until yesterday my chevrons were the wildest tights I’d ever “shown off” at work!

My Chevrons…tame by my standards, and suitable for work

But yesterday was Halloween, dammit.

We don’t do costumes at my company.  While it’s not actively discouraged, it’s not encouraged either (unlike other places I’ve worked).  And while the occasional admin or support person will come dressed up on Halloween, it’s rare.  So I didn’t deck out in full Phantom regalia.  But I do have this awesome spiderweb dress that was just begging to be worn!  With my gorgeous spiderweb tights!  And I was gonna wear my spider ring and my spider earrings…

Only I realized, with very few minutes to spare, that my spiderweb tights were full of holes.  I have no idea how that happened, because I was always so careful with them.  Spiderweb is probably my favorite design, so I was really, really disappointed not to be able to go with the total motiff.  But since it was Halloween, I decided to be just slightly risque and to with lace.


I wish I’d gotten a photo of the dress.  It’s truly gorgeous, and my coworkers loved it.  I had people sneaking up behind me all day yesterday because of the cut-out web design on the back.  And I did get online and order a pair of spiderweb tights and a pair of spiderweb stockings.  I can’t wait to pair the legwear with the dress…I’ll get pictures.

Now, I did say that until yesterday, the chevrons were the wildest tights I’d ever “shown off” at work.  That’s true.  But sometimes, when I know I’ll be wearing a pair of tall boots and a long skirt…I will wear a particular beloved pair of tights that combines two things I adore – roses and lace:

Roses and lace…what’s not to love?

I hardly consider them work appropriate at my current job because they’re basically fancy fishnets.  I like fishnets, and I certainly have no problem with anyone wearing them anywhere. I’ve worn them to work in the past though I did generally wear them with boots.  I just wouldn’t feel right wearing them to work at the firm I work for right now.

What’s funny is that no one here wears hose, stockings, or tights in the summer.  Most people depend on public transportation and as cold as it is in the winter to stand at the bus stop, it’s as hot and humid in the summer.  Going bare-legged was really hard for me to do, even as sticky as it can be.  I still have not gotten used to this, and if there’s even the slightest bit of drop in temperature I don some sort of legwear!

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5 Responses to Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme – Hosiery

  1. You have a lovely collection of very tasteful legwear! :o)

  2. Clementine Dahling says:

    You do have the same gray fishnet tights! So love it! Get more at Target!

    • mrslucard says:

      I went looking for them yesterday and was denied…Target’s hosiery section looked barren and sad, actually. Did get some stripey tights though, so there’s that. And I will keep looking!

  3. I ADORE nude stockings. Especially with ankle-strap shoes, just as you have done. I am sad that the “normal” world finds bare legs so fashionable now. I don’t find that look elegant at all, so it looks incredibly strange to me when women wear elegant or cocktail attire with no hosiery. No, thank you!

    Love the roses and lace, too!! Very feminine!

    • mrslucard says:

      I remember the huge sensation Kate Middleton caused wearing nude hose and how surprised I was that it was even a thing…apparently I never got the memo that they had went “out.” It has to be really hot and really humid for me to go without…and even then I still don’t like it.

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