More than a month after the storm, I finally have this ready to post!  I had some issues with the image insertion, and became frustrated enough to chuck the whole thing.  Husband thought it was worth saving, though, for some reason.  So here it is. The formatting is still a little off on some of the photos, but I give up. 

We were lucky during the storm – we suffered no damage, and never lost power for more than a few seconds at a time (just enough to switch off Husband’s computer while he was trying to get a review finished and posted).  My office had the good sense to close Monday and Tuesday and we were encouraged to telework, though I understand our buildings didn’t actually lose power.  We were fully prepared, in any event.  We had batteries, charged gizmos, ice, and easy to prepare food.  Our apartment has a gas stove, as well, so we would have had heat even if the power went off.

So what did I occupy myself with other than trying to work from home and watching the storm from my window?  I carved a Jack o’ Lantern and played with dolls, of course!

Baby was so excited about the pumpkin.  In the days leading up to Halloween, I’d put it in the floor and let her inspect it.  Since we found out that pumpkin is not only  okay for rabbits to eat but actually good for them, I had hoped she would “assist” in the jack o’ lantern carving.  Oddly enough, when I opened it up, she was just not interested.  I took her the “grin” to nibble on anyway.

“Meh,” she said after just one bite.

This actually worried me, since Baby will eat almost anything.  She ripped a craisin out of my fingers immediately after, though, so apparently just just doesn’t like plain unsweetened pumpkin.

I also gave Chewie some pumpkin.  He will eat the sweetened, spiced pumpkin pie filling, but I don’t think he was too keen on the plain kind I offered. He did apparently come back and nibble on the “eye” I left in his room, but I didn’t get a picture.

I put Jack in the window to dry out a bit.  Shelly, who has spent almost her entire life afraid of thunder (and the sound of heavy rain, since she knows the two are often together), decided to hang out in the window with him and watch the storm.

I ain’t ‘fraid of no storm!

In fact, she got comfy and hung out with him for quite a while…

What? We’re just chillin’.

And of course, here’s Jack in all his lighted glory:


Then, of course, there was the playing with dolls part…

I love Monster High dolls.  Way more than I should at my age, certainly. So of course I was very pleased to have the chance to review the Monster High High School playset.  The storm was the perfect chance for me to put it together.  And play with it.  Below are some shots I took of the toy with my iPhone.  When I opened the playset, I had two dolls out of their boxes – Dead Tired Laguna and Skull Shores Abbey Bominable (dressed in the snowboarding outfit we bought for her).  So I had to make up a story that made sense with Laguna in her pjs (because I am twelve). I also opened original Draculaura, because darn it  you can’t play with a toy this big with only two dolls.


Abbey and Draculaura finish up a class discussion before joining their sick friend, Laguna Blue, for a bite.

Poor Laguna! Some nice soup and a hot drink will fix her right up!


Draculaura has some “coffin drops” in her locker, too. Those might help Laguna feel better.


Laguna has been out for several days. It’s up to Draculaura to help her catch up on what she missed in class.


Just because Draculaura is freaky, chic, and fly, doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand complex subjects! She’s also very smart!


Meanwhile Abbey Bominable is off to snowboarding practice. She would love to bring home the regional championship trophy to add to the trophy case at Monster High!


Above the Creepateria, there’s a balcony that’s just perfect as a DJ booth. Maybe Holt Hyde will spin some tunes at the next dance?


A shot of the front of the school. Aren’t those gargoyles just darling?


Draculaura waits outside at the casketball court. Clawd Wolf invited her to watch the team practice, but he is late, as usual.

All in all, it’s a fun toy, if you have several dolls to play with.  The amount of detail is incredible – the little tiny locks on the lockers (that really work) blew me away!  But while the main part of the toy folds up for easy storage, several pieces (like the bleacher bench, classroom cart, lunch table, and desks) aren’t meant to be constantly assembled and disassembled and I could see them breaking after a while.  Also, there are a lot of small parts, so this is definitely not a toy for small children.

By Tuesday night, things had calmed way down.  Buses were running again and I got word that my office would be open Wednesday for business-as-usual. Husband and I went for a walk around the Village around eight p.m. and there was very little damage to our immediate area.  Some trees were bent and broken; one of ours apparently lost some branches, as you could see where the maintenance men had cut them out. The road and sidewalks were covered with slick, wet leaves to the point you couldn’t see the pavement or bricks underneath.

Not everyone in the Washington, DC/NoVa area was as fortunate as we were.  There were a lot of downed trees and flooding in other areas, and a lot of people were without power for days.  Even so, DC/NoVa got off much, much easier than New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.  Some people lost everything and are still trying to recover.

In my hometown, they had well over a foot of snow.  That’s not really anything new or exciting for Southern West Virginia, as much as I hate the stuff – my father’s exact words were “a foot of snow we can deal with.”  No businesses closed.  I can guarantee there were people out driving around during the blizzard.

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