Updates…Sort Of

Wow, I hadn’t realized it had been that long since I wrote something.  I’d love it say my absence was because we’ve been so busy with work and holidays, or what have you, but the truth is, I really haven’t had much to write about!

I will give a short holiday rundown, because obviously we did something for Yule/Christmas/New Years.  And then brief general life updates.

Holiday dinner was provided by La Madeline.  We had a half order, because we are two people and we didn’t need a huge feast.  We wound up with that anyway.  The meal included half a seasoned turkey breast, green beans in sauce, stuffing, au gratin potatoes, mushroom gravy that was to die for, cranberry sauce, rolls, and a boche noel for dessert.  We ate from this meal for two days.  There was plenty of leftover turkey for Shelly, too.

Christmas night we went to see White Christmas at  The Kennedy Center.  The place was packed, moreso than we anticipated!  The play was great; my husband declared it his favorite thing we’ve attended there.  At the end, they made it “sno” on the audience.  It was foam, of course, but it was lovely.

The stage right before the show.

The stage right before the show.

The weekend before New Years, we went to the last WWE taping of the year.  The WWE generally holds their last show in DC every year, and Alex has taken me every year we’ve been together.  It’s usually a pretty good show, but this year it just wasn’t exciting at all. My favorite guy was there (KANE!) but the story lines were kind of dull and it degenerated into a Cena-fest.  Yuck. However, we did find out that The Rock will be in DC in April – attendees of the December show got first crack at tickets.  We’ll be ringside.

Alex poses in his Ultimo Dragon mask.

Alex poses in his Ultimo Dragon mask.


I might be wearing a Taker shirt…but I was there to see KANE.

New Year’s Eve, we had reservations for a local Thai restaurant – T.H.A.I. Shirlington.  Their NYE menu was absolutely fantastic this year!  I had shrimp stuffed with crab and served with black sticky rice!  Yum!  It was even better than last year’s menu, which we missed out on because I was so sick I could barely move from bed on NYE 2011.

I bought this dress at deep discount store Gabriel Brothers several years ago...it cost three dollars.  I've gotten a lot of mileage out of it.  The velvet wrap was a trade.

I bought this dress at deep discount store Gabriel Brothers several years ago…it cost three dollars. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. The velvet wrap was a trade.

In non-holiday related news, Shelly underwent radioactive iodine treatment for her hypoactive thyroid in December.  She was gone for three days (that was not fun for me).  Then she was radioactive for two weeks.  We were limited to forty-five minutes of snuggling per day with her. Her saliva and litterbox were toxic, so she wasn’t allowed to groom Baby at all, and we tried to get her to not drink from Baby’s water bowls.  That didn’t work; we wound up just watching her and making she we cleaned and changed them after she had a drink.  We kept Chewie away from her completely since he has had cancer once and rabbits are sensitive to any sort of radiation.  Given his other health problems, more cancer is the last thing he needs.

Anyway.  She’s doing fine now.  She’s already had her one month follow up and her blood work was perfect.  She’s also gaining weight, which is good!

My class started at UND online in the Social Sciences program. Honestly, I wanted to finish a pre-law or Legal Studies BS, but that’s not going to happen.  And really, what the hell would I do with it?  The options would be Paralegal or law school.  It’s not like I’m looking to leave my current company – I love it there and I enjoy what I’m doing.  The bottom line is just finishing a BS.  At least with this Social Science degree, I’ll get to study a lot of things and there’s not much chance of me getting board or burnt out.  My first class, though, is Psychology and the Law.  It’s hitting home how much I miss studying and working in law.

Shelly's feeling good enough to help me study!

Shelly’s feeling good enough to help me study!

And finally…I cut my hair.  I got bangs.  I was going for Bridget Bardot…but my hair is just simply not thick enough.  I’m not the greatest at styling this cut, either. It does not look good at all.  My husband is semi-amused and mostly bewildered – I said last year, after my straight-across blunt bangs, that it’s not a good look and I probably shouldn’t try again, and yet I did. But given that he’s always had great hair, he simply does not understand.  I do not have good hair, and I do not have any skill at styling.  I can’t dye it because of my allergy and I get so, so sick of fighting with it every day.  So while it might not look any better, at least it’s different.  And I don’t hate it any more with bangs than I did before, so no harm.  At least he was honest enough to tell me he didn’t like it.

I don’t have any photos yet.  I haven’t been able to get a non-bad one.  I’ll keep trying.

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