Bangin’ On

Oh look, pictures of my bangs…



As I said in my last post, I was going for a Bridget Bardot look.  But my hair is just not thick enough.  These photos were taken yesterday as Husband and I headed to the mall (mostly so I could eat tamales). I did not attempt to style them correctly; these photos are of a half-assed feathery look I wanted to try.

I love how bored I look.

I love how bored I look in this one.

My hair is and has always been slightly weird.  It is completely different on one side than the other, so it never looks symmetrical. One side feathered quite nicely (to the right, as you look at the photo, it was actually the left side of my hair) while the other just…flopped.  I’ll attempt to get a photo of them styled as they’re supposed to be (or as close as I can come to it) later this week.

And here is a photo of last year’s bangs, for contrast:

I was very happy - my Choo Choo plushie had arrived in the mail that day.

I was very happy – my Choo Choo plushie had arrived in the mail that day.

These were straight across bangs.  I wasn’t any better at styling them, really, but you can see how different they look.  They’re supposed to be blunt.  The Bardot bangs are supposed to be fluffy.  In the end, though, neither is a good look for me. I had hoped they would disguise my very severe part, but was told that they actually highlight not only that, but how thin my hair is overall.

Oh well.  It’s hair.  It grows back.

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7 Responses to Bangin’ On

  1. Jesse Minty says:

    if you need some help with daily haircare. Check out my blog. I teach haircare tips and tricks on Youtube. Try taking your fringe(bangs) further back. It’s usually a triangle from where you part your hair to each corner of each eyebrow. So if there isn’t enough take more. Then if it’s too feathered on one side. Blow dry them back and forth and that should help that. Check out my Blow dry video tutorial for reference. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I love the new wispy bangs! That’s what I was trying to get across to my hairdresser the other day but she didn’t seem to get it, so mine look more like your last year’s bangs … 😛

    • mrslucard says:

      Mine actually aren’t that wispy. I feathered the top half of them back, or tried to. It sort of feathered on one side and flopped over to the side on the other… 😉

      • Oh! Maybe she did get it right and it’s me that doesn’t know how to do it then! I’ll have to give that a try … :o)

      • mrslucard says:

        Well, it is possible your stylist didn’t cut them thin enough. It’s an easy thing to do, especially if you’re unsure how your client is going to like it! But if that’s the case, try sweeping back (or even pinning back) part of them and see how it looks.

  3. Just got back from the mirror – it was horrible. Apparently she’s a lot smarter than I gave her credit for … 😛

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