Up and At ‘Em

I saw a really pretty updo on Pinterest last night.  It was billed as “easy” so I thought “let’s see about that.”  I grabbed some pins, sat down with my mirror and my laptop, and tried to replicate it.

I actually didn’t do half bad.  It wasn’t perfect, but I reiterate: my hair is really fine and thin, and I suck at hair.  Maybe with practice, I could get it right.

The style calls for you to tease the hair, then divide it into two sections.  Starting with the left hand section, you twist into a bun and pin.  Then you twist the right hand section, but rather than coiling it into a bun, you coil it around the first bun and pin.  And ta da!

Click here for the photo at the original source.

Well, I attempted the ‘do this morning.  I really should know better.  I have neither the skills nor time to try out “new” updos on work mornings.  However, I did wrangle my hair back into two tiny buns.  They’re not perfect either.  In fact, the one on the left side is much nicer than the one on the right.  But it still looks semi-okay.  The bangs I swept back with my comb and “caught” with hairspray, leaving some pieces framing either side of my face.

I am full of fail with getting photos of it though.  Here’s the best I could do this morning; you can see how the bun looks slightly sloppy, but it works:



I managed to get this one much later this evening.  It’s not the greatest photo, but it illustrates how well my hair feathers on one side…and flops on the other.

The bun on this side is also neater.

The bun on this side is also neater.

I had some issues with twisting, both the original style and with what I wound up doing this morning.  I don’t have that issue doing a single bun.  I thought I might have better luck doing one bun above another…and then I got the bright idea to try the first style but instead of dividing sections side by side, divide them into a top and bottom section.

We’ll see how hard I fail at taking pictures of that tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Up and At ‘Em

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think it looks good! I have the opposite problem; my hair is too bushy and coarse to put up without a huge amount of effort, and it generally won’t stay up for more than two minutes 😛 I’m growing it out again and am going to treat it better this time, so maybe I’ll be able to manage it in future.

  2. mrslucard says:

    Have you tried the heavy duty bobby pins? It’s still going to require a lot of effort, since your hair is thick and heavy, but they might be able to keep it up. When my hair was much longer (and….I swear I used to just have more hair) the heavy duty ones were the only thing that kept it up. I found them at Wal-Mart, I think.

  3. Purji says:

    Super adorable even if it did not come out perfect!

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