Many Threads

I promised a while ago to get photos of the Lip Service spiderweb dress the next time I wore it.  And I did!  And while I had hoped to get separate photos of the accessories I paired it with, that was not to be.  This past weekend turned out to be really horrible.

On Thursday night, we had to rush Chewie to the vet because the poor bunny couldn’t breathe.  He was getting so little oxygen that he couldn’t even stand without wobbling – and this was after spending almost two hours in our at-home bunny oxygen tank!   He’s better  now, after spending the whole weekend at the vet.  We have no idea what triggered this episode – it could be seasonal (like a temperature or pressure change, or work/changes they make to our building at this time of year), it could be an allergy (although to what, we’re at a total loss), or it could be brought on by pain from his other illnesses.  All we do know is that he panicked and made it worse.   He was so scared.  While we do have the means to give him oxygen, our tank is finite.  The vet was able to put him into a sort of  supertank with a high flow and certain emergency medications that got him stable.  I am so very glad we ultimately decided to take him. It’s quite a trip and he stresses really bad in the car, so I was very hesitant to put him through that, given the condition that he was in.

He’s home now, along with a stronger antibiotic and refills of his many other meds.  He was eating actual food at the vet (though very little hay) and he has eaten some greens and cookies since being home, which is a good sign.  He apparently did very well last night; my husband got up often to check on him.  Before we brought him home, we fired up the air purifier again; we didn’t run them this winter because they make the room too cold for this arthritis.  And we’ll keep him confined to his room until he’s finished with his antibiotic, so he won’t be tempted to run around and strain his poor lungs.

Friday, while we were waiting for news about Chewie, I got an email from the cat clinic about Shelly’s test results.  Her thyroid levels are where they should be three months after radiation treatment, but her creatinine levels were elevated.  Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with that word  and elevated levels mean – kidney disease.  My husband just got back from taking her for more tests.  I guess we’ll see in a couple of days.

So.  The dress.

Oh what a tangled web...

Oh what a tangled web…

Not the greatest photo, but you can at least see the awesome web design on the back of the dress, and the spiderweb pattered eights.  What you can’t see are my giant spiderweb earrings (I was sure I had pulled my hair back far enough) nor my crisscross front shoes – they sort of have a web-like look to the front, but it was the buckles that gave the look “punch.”  I didn’t bother getting a frontal view of the dress.  It’s just a simple scoop neckline.  The sleeves are neat though – they come all the way down and taper over the back of the hand in a “v” shape.

I hate that the dress is so short on me.  When I wore it to work on Halloween, I wore another skirt with it.  With some experimentation, I think that would work well.  And of course, if I ever lose my stop-smoking weight, it should fit better.  I’m also not happy with the tights.   I was a little disappointed when they arrived and were Leg Avenue – I didn’t realize Sock Dreams sold those, and I can’t recall seeing a brand name on the product page.  Still, I reserved judgement until I opened them on Saturday…and was not happy.  They had giant seams running down the inside of each leg which made them uncomfortable.  The design is made via a fishnet weave, but you can see gaps at each web where the netting is pulled.

Overall, I’m happy with the dress, just not 100% happy with the way the look has turned out at either wearing.

Oh, and the event we went to Saturday night was Lynda Carter in concert.  We bought the tickets a month ago.  Since Chewie had been doing so well when we were at the vet earlier in the day, we decided to go ahead and go.  I have loved her since I was a little girl – she was Wonder Woman, of course, but I probably remember her best from her Maybeline ads when I was growing up.  I even wore my favorite Moisture Extreme lipstick  in Velvet Crush (Moisture Extreme was the evolution of Moisture Whip – they don’t make either anymore) in honor of the occasion. Do a google search for some of her old commercials and print ads – I’ve long suspected that she’s the reason that pale skin, dark hair, and a red lip were my beauty ideal.

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3 Responses to Many Threads

  1. Ohmigosh, what a horrible thing for poor Chewie! It must have been terrifying for both you and him!

    Glad you at least got to go see Lynda Carter, although I had no idea she sang! Your Lip Service dress looks fantastic – too bad the tights were not up to your expectations.

    Anyway, I hope you’ve gotten Shelly’s test results by now and that they were good! :o)

    • mrslucard says:

      The good news is, beyond one more middle-of-the-night scare, Chewie seems to be feeling better. The bad news is I got Shelly’s results, and she’s at Stage 2 kidney disease.

      At least with kidney disease I know what to expect, as I lost a dog to it several years ago. At least Shelly doesn’t hate her new diet food, so she won’t have to be miserable for whatever time I have left with her.

  2. ramona says:

    hope everything will turn out good in the end or at least will let you some more quality time together 😦
    and love that dress! havent spent money on lipservice stuff for far too long!

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