Spam and Sensitivity

I’ve noticed a severe uptick in the spam comments landing in my Akismet box lately.  Spam is a fact of life.  I’m aware of that, and in most cases I can just delete and ignore it.  But given that I have had to delete anywhere from fourteen to eighteen comments per day from my posts about Chewie’s illness and death,  I wanted to take a moment to address this.  Because it’s really starting to piss me off.

Spam comments go directly to Akismet.   No one sees them – no one, that is, except me.  And I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be approving them nor will I be clicking on any of the links or even the commenter’s profiles.  I have always deleted them en mas.  I used to actually glance over them to make sure nothing legit got caught, but I don’t even do that anymore.  Akismet is really good at handling these.  And the fact that the vast majority of them are now on posts related to my rabbit being horribly ill and dying makes me less likely to do even that much before I angrily delete them all.

So I reiterate – no one sees these but me.   And when stupid bullshit like this winds up on my last post about my sick rabbit, I get all kinds of pissed off:

“I’ve read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you place to create this sort of excellent informative site.” – from a profile called “hair cut coupons.”

Or worse, on my “Sadly we Part” post:

online casino…” – from a profile called, you guessed it, “online casino.”

Because it’s a spambot. Spambots can’t actually read and reply with any semblance of coherence to the context of what was posted.  Do you know how jarring that is, to see bullshit like this on a post about your rabbit’s weekend at the vet?  About his subsequent death?  For crying out loud, my family is still mourning!  This is offensive to me in a way that porn spam and ads for penis enlargement could never be.

Do I expect them to stop after this?  Not really.  But maybe if enough people spoke out, maybe someone, somewhere would eventually get the idea that tactics like these don’t work.  The return on investment on the hundreds of comments that are posted each day can’t be high enough to warrant it – especially if bloggers like me are using Akismet and other tools to make sure our readers never see them?

What you’ve accomplished, spammers, is to offend me and  make me very angry during a very sad time in my life.  I hope that gives you some satisfaction.  Because you can rest assured that you’re bullshit comments and links won’t be visible on my site – now or ever.



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3 Responses to Spam and Sensitivity

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Akismet has caught five thousand spam comments on my blog — two and a half times as many legit comments as I’ve ever gotten 😛

    • mrslucard says:

      It’s caught 422 on my blog. And unless I miss my guess, “Another Weekend at the Vet” is the most common one to have spam comments on. It’s not the most recent, so I have no idea why that would be. I just know I find it more offensive than any other spam or scam or sales pitch I’ve ever been confronted with.

  2. kakuidori says:

    thank you, i havent heard about that site yet but sounds useful. i don’t get many comments BUT a lot of spam comments XD they annoy me more than all the spam mails we get and im sorry they bulk on such a sad-themed post :-/

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