Weekend Adventures

We had a really busy weekend.  On Saturday we did the Saturday Farmer’s Market, ran errands, I got my hair and brows done, and we saw Hal Sparks live; Sunday we attended a concert at the Kennedy Center.

The Saturday market is a little different this year.  The Cornish Pasty lady didn’t come back.  But the empanada lady did!  And we have a BBQ vendor.  This week I got a brisket sandwich with cole slaw that was divine.  There’s also a new jewelry lady who sells hematite.  I snagged a new thumb ring.  We also bought lettuce, radishes, and two different dessert breads.  The vendor we buy our breads from, Grace’s Pastries, has scones, too.  There is nothing like a good scone.  It’s worth the trip for Fairfax for a chocolate chip one.

I scheduled my hair for Saturday between activities. I asked my stylist to “blend” the growing-out bangs with some graduated layers on either side, and just trim up everything else.  He used very little product on my hair – in fact, I think all he did was spritz my part with Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray (but I really need to ask him before I invest in a bottle).  Then he dried it with a round brush.  When I got home, I put it into a bun while I did laundry.  After that was done and I had my makeup on, I parted the shorter “bangs” at their natural line and rolled each section under with the curling iron.  Then I took the bun down and gave it a brush. It looked pretty darned good:

Eyes without a face....

Eyes without a face….

Oh wait, I do have a nose.

Oh wait, I do have a nose.

Unfortunately, taking photos of me is not my husband’s favorite thing to do.  And the lighting at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse  isn’t the best (it is a theater).  I do like the creepy faceless one though.

I didn’t bother dressing up just to go to the comedy club.  I did think about it!  But it was cold and rainy and in the end, I just tossed on a top with some sleeves and my old stretchy jeans.  I did at least put on my long, damask print jacket, which dressed the outfit up some.  But I mostly wanted to wear my new hiking boots to make sure they were comfy.  They are!

My newest boots...

My newest boots…

Lug soles, for the win!

Lug soles, for the win!

These are Soda brand, and they came from eBay.  Quite a while back, Victoria’s Secret had a similar pair, which I fully intended to buy but didn’t; I believe I had an unexpected vet bill and they sold out. I’ve been looking for something similar ever since.  Especially if we’re going back to Mexico this winter, I’ll need something I can take “off the beaten path” and still be comfortable in.  Also, my black winter boots had completely had it.  I should be able to wear these in iffy weather without falling on mah butt.

Sunday’s concert was based around the children’s book A Cricket in Times Square by George Selden.  I’ve never actually read the book.  I had  seen the animated version and read one of the other books in the series, Tucker’s Meadow as a child, however, so I was definitely interested in going to this.  The National Symphony Orchestra was amazing, as always.  The violinist who “played” Chester Cricket was simply divine.  The actors “read” their parts out of binders, though, which I found a little strange.  And the concert hall was crawling with children.  I went into this knowing it was an event for children, so I wasn’t surprised by that.  Still, the chaos in the ladies’ after the concert was over was a bit much for me.

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