She Had the Moon in Her Eyes

I used to be Witchy.

I wore pentacles and crescent moons and read tarot and threw runes and haunted the New Age/Occult section of the bookstore(s).  I subscribed to Circle Magazine and regularly visited Pagan websites and listened to Pagan music* and dreamed of going to the Pagan Spirit Gathering someday.  I kept a full-time, dedicated altar.  I had a cabinet full of candles and dried herbs and oils and various other “tools of the trade” and dreamed of someday having an entire room to devote to Witchy things.  The Charge of The Goddess hung on my wall, and my bedspread was a giant Celtic knot.  The first place I sought out in any gift shop was the tumbled stones display.  I routinely sat in the back yard on the grass under a tree.

Then I graduated from college and Mom got sick and I got a full time job and everything became so…mundane. I miss Witchy Me quite a lot.  I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but she gradually slipped away.  I would love to find her again, but I’m not sure how.




*I officially identify as a “metal head” where my taste in music is concerned, but I love all sorts of ethereal and new agey music, too.  Everything from Loreena McKinnet to Celtic Woman.  Even within the metal genre, I tend to go for symphonic/ethereal stuff as opposed to thrash or death metal (though there are exceptions).  I also like classical, orchestral,  and operatic music, too.

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2 Responses to She Had the Moon in Her Eyes

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The spirits are there in the mundane, too, as is the sacred. You just gotta learn to see them 😉

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