eBay to the Rescue

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m putting some stuff on eBay with the hopes that it will sell and I can put the proceeds toward Shelly’s enormous vet bills.  I have a few things up already; I will have more this weekend.  There might be some comics, possibly some more jewelry (of the costume variety), and maybe a Barbie or two.  We’ll see as I go through stuff. Alex has offered me “Cap,” his arcade cabinet version of Captain America and Avengers…It’s huge though, and someone would have to either pay freight shipping (how does one even go about estimating that, anyway?) or come pick it up.  We’ll see.

You can view the listings by clicking here.  Check back throughout the weekend, too, please.

It helps that we’re moving.  We’re going through things anyway.

Shelly continues to improve, although she still fights me tooth and nail over the meds.  I can get them in her mouth…but she just simply refuses to swallow.  The ear steroids are a whole different experience, too.  She hates having her ears messed with, but at least I don’t have to worry about her spitting them out if she gets pissy. Tomorrow we go in to her new vet to have B-12 shots demonstrated.  Have I mentioned that I’m terrified of needles?

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3 Responses to eBay to the Rescue

  1. I’ve only just located your blog, Guin! I haven’t signed on to Google+ and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get to your posts via it. Anyway, I just had the brilliant notion of tracking you down via Pinterest (better late than never). So sorry to hear about your poor kitty. I’ve had similar dramas with my beloved Phoebe this year. She started having seizures out of the blue. It’s all been a saga that has gone on for months, and like you, the vet bills could not be coming at a worse time. They discovered she had incredibly high blood pressure so she takes daily meds for hypertension now. She also has to go back soon for more tests to see if she has an overactive thyroid.

    After having the pill spat in my face a few times, I now put it into a little bit of creamy “Laughing Cow” cheese. Phoebe looks forward to it as a treat. Not sure if you’ve already tried that, or if Shelly is even able to have cheese, but it works for us.

    Best wishes for you and Shelly! I totally understand how traumatic this can all be! ❤

    • mrslucard says:

      I am so sorry to hear that. Poor Phoebe. Do they have any idea what’s causing it?

      Shelly loves cheese, so we have tried that. We’ve also tried hiding it in Pill Pockets, various types of meat, different kinds of treats, and her favorite gooshyfoods (including the kitten’s food). She’s fairly quick to catch on, so those only worked the first couple of times. It’s funny because she will eat the empty Pill Pockets if you leave them lying around…. While I was out of town this past weekend, my husband had to medicate her. He found that if he distracted her (by waving meat in front of her, or working on brushing out her fur) she was much more likely to just swallow and get it over with.

      (I don’t actually use Google+ for anything other than commenting on Blogger; I’m not sure it would have led you here!)

  2. It’s almost certainly age-related as Phoebe is 18 this year. The thing is, she looks so kittenish and spritely that we forget her age, so it came as a total shock when she started seizing. She’s been on the blood pressure meds for just over 2 months now and so far so good. She has to go back in for more tests soon. She despises visiting the vet, so it’s always stressful. She’s not a biter/scratcher at all, but she has this woeful meow that breaks my heart.

    Hope Shelly is doing better?! Yeah, they’re clever little devils when it comes to locating the hidden pills aren’t they?!! Haha.

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