(Somewhat) Organized Chaos

We’re moving this coming weekend. Our apartment is utter chaos.

hate moving.  I learned to hate moving when the University made me pack up my office six times over four years (and at least four of those moves were completely pointless, I might add) so you can imagine how much I despise the larger-scale house moving operation, which I’ve thankfully only had to do twice before.

It could be worse – we’re only moving down a floor and around the corner.  We looked at other places outside of our current neighborhood, and even found one we loved.  But in the end, we realized that the building we live in is a much better deal.  And we do both love this neighborhood.

This new place is a two bedroom.  The bathroom is smaller, which I can live with.  The kitchen is also smaller, which Alex says he can live with – he says the layout is more “sane.”  We’ve already bought a storage cart for the kitchen (there are fewer cabinets).  I’ve also purchased an office style storage ottoman for our office supplies and important papers.  Up to this point, they’ve been stuck wherever and forced into file folios that were too small.  I am really, really glad this thing was on sale!  A filing cabinet might have worked (we looked at some) but this ottoman can do double-duty as a coffee table and we can use it to store other things.  It’s also a lot nicer looking.  We had planned on getting new furniture for the living room and bedroom, but that will have to wait a bit.  What we have is perfectly usable so it’s not a huge deal.  We are going to have to have an accent table for the entry way – my husband is used to coming in and tossing his keys and phone on a DVD shelf, but those won’t be close to the door in the new place.   I found one we both like at Target for cheap already.

It’s funny – last night, I packed up all of the perfumes and excess makeup I could fit into a large UPS box.  Not everything by any means – there was only so much room, after all.  But it was all things I don’t use on a daily basis, and things I assumed I wouldn’t need.  Then I got up this morning and had a minor heart attack because I only had the makeup in my “every day” box to choose from….  Dinner was interesting last night, too.  Alex managed to some how make the most delicious shrimp I’ve ever had even though we had no skewers or mixing bowls and completely inadequate knives.

I’m excited about the change, even though I detest the process.  I haven’t had any space that was really mine since I moved in (realistically, I probably still won’t, but at this point I can still dream).  I will have a closet, dammit.  A real clothes closet!  Since I moved in, my clothes were relegated to the coat closets in the entryway.  They’re not really designed to hold a wardrobe.  It will also be nice to finally hang my shelves up.  They’ve been hanging out in a corner since I moved in because I apparently left my box of nails behind when I left my old apartment in West Virginia.  We somehow never got around to buying a box.

I’m hoping once we get semi-settled that I can put a couple more jewelry items up on eBay.  I have two slave bracelets I haven’t worn since high school taking up space in my jewelry box; I’m sure they’re not the only pieces that need to go.   I also have one or two more Barbie dolls that will need new homes, I think.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the Star Trek Barbies are ever going to sell.  They just aren’t sought after at all.  And when I was packing them up for the move, I noticed a minuscule hole in the box.

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2 Responses to (Somewhat) Organized Chaos

  1. LOL, there was such a thing as Star Trek Barbies? Who knew! You’d think they’d have been really popular. I wonder why not?

    I just got rid of a very large box of my old Barbies from the 50’s when she still had the bubble hair-do. And I had a ton of Skipper clothes, but no Skipper. That was back in the day when Skipper was flat-chested and flat-footed, so those clothes probably wouldn’t fit any doll any more! 😀

  2. mrslucard says:

    They may have been popular when they were released, but they certainly aren’t now! I do know that Mattel way over produced them – the Star Trek and X-Files dolls never became collectors items because of it, though they were intended to be. In fact, I think that’s why I passed on the X-Files set (even though I was a huge fan of the show way back when). I’m selling them mostly because I just don’t like them. They used the 80s Barbie and Ken face mold, when I think they 60s dolls would have been better. For some reason, they went back and corrected this with both the Bewitched doll and the I Dream of Jeannie doll with the result that there’s two versions of each…but they didn’t re-release the Trek dolls.

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