Movin’ on Down

To the seventh floor…

We’re mostly moved in.  It’s been just over a week now, and I’m still battered and bruised from the move.  Moving Cap, the arcade game, was the hardest part, but we did it, just the two of us (well, it was mostly my husband).  I am so glad he bought a dolly/cart, even if one of the cart wheels did fall off over the course of the day.  The package of bungee cords came in handy for moving more than Cap, too!

There are pros and cons to the move, of course.  The kitchen, bathroom, and closets are all much smaller than what we’re used to.  The first kitchen cart was a complete POS and had to be returned; the result of which being that our kitchen stuff lived in boxes for days while we waited for the new one to arrive.  Actually, a second one is half assembled in the living room floor now, because their idea of “pre-drilled” screw holes doesn’t mesh with mine and I had to give up on it last night before I resorted to beating it with my tiny hammer.

The layout is nice, it’s just different.  I’m mostly enjoying the fact that I have actual clothes closets.  I managed to get all of my toys and nice bags on the top shelves (with a bit of Tetrising).  And I still had room for shoes and boots in the floor of one*, and bins/suitcases in the floor of the other! I have room to actually slide my stuff around and see what I have!  It’s amazing.  Alex took the closet in the “little room” for his clothes.  The hallway coat closet, which I was excited to actually use for coats, is unfortunately so full of our moving boxes that it will probably never see a coat.

Look at all that black...

Look at all that black…

We’re still not finished.  There are still things sitting around the living room, kitchen, and little room waiting to be sorted or stored or displayed.  I don’t think he realized how many video game systems and games he had in the bathroom closet in the old place; one entire shelf and the floor of that closet were just his video game things.  The little room still has odds and ends sitting about on the floor that haven’t found a home.  And the bits and bobs that cover the coffee and end tables in the living room have to be sorted through, as well.   I have no idea where we’re going to put my TV; I don’t think it’s been used since I moved here, and I’m frankly thinking about walking down to UPS with it and shipping it to my dad!

I think, in a lot of ways, the move was good for us.  It forced us to evaluate our stuff and get rid of a lot of things we didn’t need and weren’t going to use.  We took about six large bags of clothing, costume jewelry, stuffed animals, shoes, bedding, and miscellaneous items to Goodwill.  He took three large totebags of books to the library’s book sale, and we have several more stacks to go (either to Goodwill or the library, or maybe, depending).  I’m thinking of donating the two Barbie dolls I can’t seem to sell, and it’s always possible that I might find more clothes that could go.

And now on to the bad news:  Barely two days after we moved in, Baby got sick.  It started with a couple of stumbles/falls, and then we noticed she had Head Tilt.  Head Tilt is actually an inner ear thing, and it can be caused by infection, parasite, or even cancer, and it is known to progress really quickly in some cases.  It can be so bad that the bunnies can’t walk.  They just tumble over and roll.  So off to the emergency vet we went.  They started her on meds for infection and parasite and gave her something for the nausea that bunnies often feel when their equilibrium is shot to hell.  Head Tilt can cause bunnies to have sick tummies and not want to eat, and we did not want that.  Fortunately, our Baby is a huge eater.  Alex did give her some critical care via syringe for a couple of days, but it wasn’t necessary very long.  She was back to eating pellets, hay, and treats in no time.  In fact, Alex took her to her regular vet yesterday for a follow up, and we found that she’d gained weight!  Anyway, her prognosis is great.  The vets think that it was just the stress of the move.  This past year, she lost Chewie, got a kitten, and had to move, so it was probably just the last straw.  We have to keep an eye on her because it could possibly recur, especially if the barometric pressure is high. But oh, what a relief that she’s going to be okay!  We were really scared it would turn into a situation like Chewie.  And Baby not eating…that’s just so far from who she is as a bunny that it’s practically unimaginable.

Shelly sulked for a couple of days after the move.  I think this was partly because she had to stay cooped up in the bedroom with Malice and Baby for two days while we moved stuff in.  She’s coming around now, and is as much of a lap cat as ever.  She has also enjoyed helping me assemble furniture.  She always was a very helpful kitty.  She’s feeling much better, and it shows.  I swear she’s one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever seen.  She’s a bit jealous right now, since Alex has been spending so much time tending to Baby, but now that Baby’s better, he can go back to spoiling all three equally during the day.

Lookit my gorgeous cat!

Lookit my gorgeous cat!

Of course, Malice, being a kitten, has taken to the move like a fish to water.  She is happy and excited about everything.  Baby has taught her to groom her eyes like a bunny.  And she’s learning that Baby likes to snuggle, but isn’t much for kitten games like Death from Above.  We keep Baby’s door closed when Malice is spazzy, but boy does she start purring when she gets to cuddle her bunny.  Malice has also gotten huge.  She weighs in at over four pounds now.  It’s amazing to go back through old photos of her when she was teeny tiny and compare it to how she looks now.

Malice, grooming her Bunny Big Sis

Malice, grooming her Bunny Big Sis

I need to get a good picture of Malice now that she’s grown some.  This one is disgustingly cute, but it doesn’t really show her size.

*In an effort to save wear and tear on my nice dress shoes, I’ve been wearing my wedgey flip flops to walk to and from buses every day and back and forth to my chiro appointments.  This means that four pair of my nicer, more expensive dress heels are living at my office, along with one pair of casual wedges and one pair of heels who already bear witness to what walking/running around on concrete can do to nice shoes. I’m hard enough on shoes, given the way I walk.  I was frankly tired of them getting scraped up and having the heel caps worn off.

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One Response to Movin’ on Down

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Keeping shoes at the office is smart if you have to walk, because yeah…work-worthy nice shoes aren’t exactly made for heavy use on sidewalks.

    Glad to hear you guys are all settled in!

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