Making a Change

Back in October, something strange started going on with my eyes.  They started feeling really weird, and then the left one got itchy and swollen.  A prompt trip to my eye doctor revealed severe dryness and irritation. For two weeks, I had to wear my glasses, and I was instructed to use moisturizing drops several times per day.  I also had to “tone down” my eye makeup for a couple of days, gradually working back up to my regular look.

Things were looking better at my follow up.  A humidifier would help, she said, since she believed it was the drier air in the larger apartment (we are still looking for a replacement to our really crummy humidifier) .  She urged me to continue to use the drops daily until forced heat season is over, and she also suggested I switch makeup brands; she mentioned Clinique.  I found this a rather odd coincidence  given that I’d only just purchased Clinique foundation and powder with a Sephora coupon Dana was generous enough to share with me and had a coworker give me an eyeshadow duo from her free gift that she had no plans to use.

I’ve been making the switch gradually since October, buying products here and there.  I’ve had mixed results so far with the products I’ve tried, and I’ve included short reviews below.  As with any skin care or makeup product, please keep in mind that everyone is different and “your mileage may vary” – while Clinique is supposed to be skin friendly and irritant-free, please proceed with caution if you have sensitive skin or severe skin allergies.  I should also mention that I purchased these products myself and I have not been provided free items for review*.

Almost Lipstick

This was the first ever Clinique product I remember using.  I actually bought it ages ago, when they made more colors, but I got Black Honey because it’s supposed to be universally flattering.  It isn’t.  It feels great, and is very moisturizing, but it doesn’t look good on me at all.  I’ve tried it with several eye makeup looks, and it’s just…no.

Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup

This is a great little foundation!  I’d say it’s very close to the Merle Norman Luxiva Lasting that I no longer have easy access to.  It’s light, blends really smoothly, and feels great.  My skin is normally very oily in the extreme, and not just in the T-zone – eyes, cheeks, it’s all oily.  Nothing I’ve ever tried has been able to keep me from looking like an oil slick by the end of a workday (touchups or no) but this product does a great job.

Blended Face Powder and Brush

This is a very finely milled loose powder.  I like it for setting my makeup.  Unfortunately, it is not portable.  It doesn’t come with a puff or sponge at all and without a good one that’s designed to properly fit inside the jar, there’s nothing to prevent the powder from going everywhere and getting wasted.  I use a puff to “roll” the powder on; at the moment, I’m using a Cover Girl puff I found at Target, though I’m on the look out for something nicer (with the hope I find something that fits the jar).  I don’t care for the brush that comes with it.  It is portable, and I do keep it in my bag for emergencies.  But I much prefer the bristles in my Victoria’s Secret brushes.

Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

I can’t say enough good things about this powder!   I originally bought it for touchups, but I might switch to it completely once the loose powder is gone.  It went to Mexico with me because it’s portable, and it sets makeup even better than the Blended loose powder. It comes with a sponge that is easy to clean, which is a huge plus for someone with skin as oily as mine.

All About Shadow single 

A coworker gave me her free shadow duo from her last skincare purchase; I liked the look and feel, so I picked up two of these – Stroke of Midnight, which is a matte black, and Sugar Cane, which is a frosty, sparkly white.  I love the look of both colors.  They go on very smoothly and blend very well.  The little mirrors inside the compacts are a huge plus, too, especially on days where I’m going Contacts Free.  But the shadows don’t last as well as I would like.  I have to reiterate that my skin is extremely oily, and the colors crease and smudge really badly before the end of the work day.  I’ve had no problems using the shadows in terms of eye irritation.

High Impact Mascara 

Although this mascara is nothing to write home about (I like Benefit’s They’re Real, Honest! a bit better), it’s still better than any drugstore brand I’ve used.  It’s got a good brush, it coats the lashes well, and it doesn’t flake or smudge a lot.  Best of all I’ve had no irritation!

Kohl Shaper for Eyes

I was so excited to try this!  And so disappointed with it!  Mooshy eyeliner is the bane of my existence, and this was mooshy as hell.  It was a pain in the ass to apply, smudged really badly, got into my eyes, and made a huge mess.  Even setting it with powder (I tried both), I looked like I’d slept in it by the time I got to work.  Eyeliner and mascara are the two products most likely to cause irritation to the eyes…so of course, one of them would be unusable.  I returned this pencil and got another High Impact Mascara instead.  Back to the Carbon Black for me, at least until I can no longer find it online.

*I did receive a “free gift with purchase” with a couple of these orders, but those items have either not been reviewed or were items I had purchased previously anyway.


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