Baby It’s Cold Outside

Outerwear!  It’s a great time for this theme, as it’s been bitterly cold here in Northern Virginia.  Long coats, tall boots, scarves, and fleece tights have been the norm for me for the past several weeks.  Not the winter I was promised when I moved here!  Though fortunately, the snow storms have been smaller and better managed than in my native West Virginia.

Here’s a “selfie” of me all dressed to head out and catch my bus home one evening about two weeks ago:

My coat and hood

My coat and hood

I’m wearing my current “heavy” winter coat purchased from Venus last season (seen better here).  I have a shorter fleece coat for warmer days, but we haven’t had many of those lately.  My two favorite coats, a leather trench and a suede with faux fur trim, are badly in need of cleaning.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a leather cleaner I can trust them to.

In the above photo, I’m also wearing my 25 Below hood and I donned my long, fleece lined leather gloves immediately after taking the photo.  The hood was purchased on Amazon; I love detached hoods because they’re more comfortable and I think they look better.   They’re also very warm.  My first detached hood came from Target, and is a little different…



As much as I love Cat Hat and as warm as it is, it felt a little silly to wear to work (though I will admit, I have worn it when it was really cold). I was also hesitant to wear it in snow or rain, as it is faux fur and not machine washable.   Hence the purchase of the plain, black 25 Below hood – it’s washable fleece, goes with everything, and is also quite warm.

As for gloves, I like them long.  I also have tiny hands that are hard to fit, so it took me a while to replace my old ones.  These were a lucky find on (you guessed it) Amazon.  I was amazed they fit actually.  It was my first time buying gloves online, and I was a bit concerned. They’re a lightweight and very comfortable leather, but the thin fleece lining inside makes them quite warm.   I thought the zipper was a stylish touch.

My leather, fleece lined gloves

My leather, fleece lined gloves

Sadly, I was not feeling my best this weekend, so my wonderful velvet cape didn’t get photographed.  Maybe next time?

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5 Responses to Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Definitely loving those leather gloves. I could use a pair for driving in the winter.

  2. I think you should wear Cat Hat more often. It’s pretty darn cute, and not silly at all! :o)

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