Chargin’ Mah Lazers

On Shelly’s last vet visit, we found that her arthritis had become really severe.  She’s already on steroids for her Inflammatory Bowel, so cortisone was out.  Her vet recommended cold laser therapy.  She started her treatment last week.

Steampunk Cat says "Where is my airship?  'Cause I am flying right the eff out of here!"

Steampunk Cat says “Where is my airship? ‘Cause I am flying right the hell out of here!”

Depending on what part they’re using the laser on, your cat may have to wear goggles to protect their eyes.  Shelly didn’t need them, really, but Ellen let Shelly pose in a pair for posterity.

Gettin' lasered.

Gettin’ lasered.

It’s painless and doesn’t take very long.  Shelly didn’t mind the actual treatment very much.  They worked on her hips, knees, and spine.

Ice cream!

Ice cream!

Of course, Daddy took her across the street for ice cream afterward.  No, she didn’t finish it in one sitting.

She’s had three treatments so far, and is going in for a fourth today.  We can already see improvement. She doesn’t have to use the ottoman to get onto the new sofa, she’s walking much better, and she’s once again sleeping curled up in a tiny ball.  And she just overall seems to feel better.

We’re still giving her Cosequin in her gooshyfood, and we’ve found a couple of glucosemine treats that she’ll actually eat (she won’t eat the cherry bark ones, though) which will also help.

I'm pretty!

I’m pretty!

I’ve been afraid to brush her because I didn’t want to make her hurt.  She’s generally a bit stiff and sore right after treatment, so I’m hoping that tomorrow evening I can give her a good (if very gentle) brushing. She really needs it!

The good news is that all the vets agree:  other than the arthritis, she is in excellent  health.  Not bad for a 14+ year old kitty!

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One Response to Chargin’ Mah Lazers

  1. Shelly looks beyond cute in those googles! Made me laugh out loud! Poor little love though. I’m glad the cold laser therapy is helping her.

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