Think of Me, Think of Me Fondly

So I’m sure my readers have been hotly anticipating my post-Phantom post!  I’m sorry to say that this isn’t it…  I’m actually waiting for something special to happen before I do a full recap of the performance.  In the meantime, everyone will have to settle for some lovely photos.

Phantom was only part of the trip.  We were scheduled to visit Longwood Gardens and the Downton Abbey costume exhibit at Winterthur.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we missed Winterthur.  The exhibit will be there until January of 2015, however, so I’m not worried.  Winterthur and Longwood are a fairly short and easy drive from where we live, and since we have the option to stay in my mother-in-law’s lovely lake house, I see us making this trip again and again.

We did get to visit Longwood Gardens.  I was told, prior to my visit, that many of the blossoms weren’t in bloom yet due to the long, cold, snowy winter the region has had.  But the property is still lovely with ponds, trees, fountains, stonework, and other landscaping to be seen, and a huge conservatory that features tropical blooms year round.  There are also several treehouses on the property – we only saw one, but I’m fairly sure we saw everything else there was to see!

We spent several hours walking around the property.  The day was fairly chilly but I was comfortable in old jeans and a sweater: I even took my coat off once we reached the conservatory and found I didn’t need it again.  The sun made an appearance and stayed out for us the entire day.

I’m planning to go back in June for my birthday.  I’ve been assured that the rose arbors will be in full bloom by then.  Roses have always been my favorite.


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One Response to Think of Me, Think of Me Fondly

  1. Longwood Gardens looks so beautiful and I love the pic of you and your friend. 😉

    I look forward to your Phantom post. Many moons ago, I worked for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s company while I was living in London. I saw Phantom while I was there and then I was lucky enough to be invited to the Melbourne opening night performance when I returned to Australia. 🙂

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