New Auctions Yay!

I have a lot of new eBay auctions up as of today, and there is a lot more to come.  Right now I have a pair of Pleaser shoes I bought on sale and which are too small;  a real leather skirt I am now too small for (yay?); a classic Coach bag I’ve been meaning to put up forever; some really old video games for PC, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast; an anime; and some books/graphic novels.

Click here to see what’s listed. 

In the coming days, I’ll be listing a lot of D&D books, other gaming books, and possibly some more anime and manga.  I’m not sure what all there is to sell – I just know it’s all piled up on my couch in the little room and Shelly wants to lay there, dammit.

All of the proceeds will go toward paying the vet bills for Shelly that are still cluttering up my credit card.  Her brush with death last July was really expensive – I’m still paying for it.  And since then, there has been her arthritis treatment and Malice has had an eye infection.  Every little bit helps.  Plus, we’re getting rid of clutter.

If you know anyone who likes anime, vintage video games, or D&D books, please direct them to my Listed Items page. I’ll be working on adding new items every evening this week!  Thank you!

And as a bonus, here’s a photo of Baby playing in my comforter:

Everyone loves my comforter except my husband.

Everyone loves my comforter except my husband.



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