It is Can Be Summertimes Nao?

Finally, after what seems like the longest winter ever, the “unofficial” start to summer has arrived!  It could not have come at a better time, either.  I’ve been looking forward to going to the pool for months.

The first year I had a pool, I didn’t get to use it.  The school year had been really hectic – work took up a lot of my time, so I was still doing school work when the summer rolled around.  That didn’t leave any time for relaxing by the pool.  That summer was really chilly, too.  I got to go once.  Once.  So I vowed the following year that I would take some time – at least one weekend day per week – to make use of the pool.

Unfortunately, it looks like my enjoyment might be cut way down this year.  The umbrella tables were damaged in a storm at the end of last season, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be replaced. This sucks for me.  Not because I’m a “whiny goth” who likes her shade, but because my husband has a family history of skin cancer and needs his shade. I suppose we’ll just have to adjust our time to make the best of the shade available…and hope I don’t attract unwanted attention from birds!  My workout schedule should allow me to enjoy the pool a couple of evenings per week…assuming work doesn’t get in the way!

Speaking of,  I’ve started running.  A little – I mean, I’m not going to be doing marathons or anything like that.  It’s amazing to me to be able to do such a simple thing.  I couldn’t as a child, not really, not without pain.  Now my ugly wedge sneakers make it possible.  I do get a better workout.  But it’s the sheer joy of being able to do it that keeps me going.

We have a busy first week of June to start the summer off.  First up, a Mozart concert on the 1st.  Then a dinner and demo with Pati Jinich at the Mexican Cultural Institute the night before my birthday.  I’ll be spending my birthday at Longwood Gardens on the 6th.  I’ve been told that the roses will all be in bloom!  Hopefully it will be an easy drive and a good time.  And the following night, it’s The Kids in the Hall Live.

And lastly, I finally got more auctions up.  A couple of RPG source books, an adventure game for PC, a table top game, and the Neato Robot Vac we have no use for (Malice has a cameo in that one).  I hope to have more up next weekend, and maybe the weekend after that; there are a lot of RPG and other books still on the sofa that haven’t even been listed.  You can see what’s still available here.  Don’t forget to keep checking back, and please share the link with anyone you know who likes old RPG books.

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