Look at Your Face in the Mirror…


Another Red and Black Week post!  Thanks to Ms. Kitty of Sophistique Noir for hosting again this year!  It’s my favorite of her themes, and I’m excited to participate for the very first time this year.

Today’s post is about red and black makeup.

I love lipstick, especially red lipstick.  Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it. I am kind of notorious for choosing colors that look absolutely horrid on me – or that clash with my other makeup.  Which is a good trick, because I’m also notorious for wearing black eye makeup almost exclusively!  How a person can clash something with black I don’t know…but I manage.

I got extremely lucky with NYX’s Snow White.  NYX is a drugstore brand; I don’t generally go for those.  But I noticed the CVS close to my office had a large display, and I recalled reading some good things (somewhere) about the brand, so I stopped for a look.  Snow White immediately got my attention.  The display had a photo of the color on-lip, and it looked amazing. So I picked it up, along with their Smokey eye palette.

I was a little nervous to be honest.  The last true red I bought was MAC Ruby Woo, which is a color that’s lauded as uber flattering on women of different coloring and complexion – and it was a huge disappointment. I was pleased with the results, though – good enough for running errands, anyway.

NYX's Snow White and Smokey eye palette, L'Oreal Carbon Black liner (lower lid) and Urban Decay Perversion liner (upper lid).

NYX’s Snow White and Smokey eye palette, L’Oreal Carbon Black liner (lower lid) and Urban Decay Perversion liner (upper lid).

The L’Oreal eyeliner is the only one that doesn’t irritate my eyes and gives me good control. The Urban Decay is a great color, but I learned the hard way not to line my lower lash line with it.

I’m really glad I picked up the NYX shadows. I like Clinique. It’s gentle, which is good. The black shade, Stroke of Midnight, just isn’t as intense as I like and it doesn’t last very long (it looks grey in the photo of me in the last post). The NYX black packs a punch and was long lasting.

As a bonus, a close up of the t-shirt detail:

...I am there, inside!

…I am there, inside!

Yes, that is my Phantom T-Shirt, at long last.  I paired it with black jeans and black sandals for our errands on Saturday.  Attempts were made to get a photo of the entire look, but…well, those tend to not turn out too well when the photographer would rather be doing almost anything else.


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8 Responses to Look at Your Face in the Mirror…

  1. fiona c says:

    Very elegant! I can never manage black eyeliner around the whole eye for some reason; it looks strange on me, so I envy you for it.

    • mrslucard says:

      I’ve been ding that look for so long, anything else looks weird on me. I’m kind of in an eye makeup rut actually, but so long as its a nice one.

  2. I agree with fiona, i myself can’t work that much eyeliner, i got these weird eye thing lol

  3. Linnea-maria says:

    Your eye makeup is flawless!! Perfectly sooted eyes!

  4. Lynoire says:

    Are you serious? Your make – up is fabulous!! 😉

  5. Simple, dramatic, and perfect for your face! I’ve seen other bloggers mention the NYX Snow White lipstick… Now I might have to give it a try!

    Your Phantom t-shirt is the coolest ever. Mr. Kitty and I (and my dad) are HUGE fans, too. I truly enjoyed reading your posts about getting to experience the show for the first time!

    • mrslucard says:

      Thank you! Snow White is definitely worth a try. I saw on Vulcan Butterfly that there’s a liner that matches pretty well. It will be my next purchase.

  6. vulcanbutterfly says:

    I love NYX Snow White, it is a great colour. It definitely is very flattering on you!

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