White and Black and Red…A Little Bit


More Read and Black Week!  Hosted by the lovely Ms. Kitty of Sophistique Noir.  Today’s post is special because a) it’s actually fashion related and b) I managed to accidentally hit the right day for the theme-within-the-theme Black and Red and White!

Now, I can rock a black suit like nobody’s business, and I often do. But I’m very fortunate in that I’m not required to every day.  I am really glad that I work at a place where I can have a little bit of fun with my look (within reason).  This is what I wore to work today – I love this top.  Burton Stripes are my favorite stripes! I don’t normally go for trendy things, but I do adore the peplum.  It’s retro and very flattering to my shape.  I have several peplum tops, but this was my first.


Peplums and Burton Stripes!

Peplums and Burton Stripes!

But as Ms. Kitty is fond of saying, sometimes, it’s all about the rear view!

Check out my jaunty red bow!

Check out my jaunty red bow!

Wow these photos are bad!  That was not an easy position to hold, and as I’ve mentioned, taking these is not my husband’s favorite past time.

I get a lot of compliments on this outfit.  So I must be doing something right!

That’s Snow White by NYX on my lips again.  As an update, I put that on when I left the house for work.  These photos were taken when I got home about nine hours later…and I did not have to touch it up until right before we did the photos.  I’m really glad I took a chance on that.


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5 Responses to White and Black and Red…A Little Bit

  1. Nice! I do LOVE a good hidden detail in the rear view. 😀 Did the top come with that bow, or was that your own addition? It’s too cute!

    I also love a peplum, and don’t consider it trendy because today’s trend is really just borrowing from the 40s. I know I’ll still actively wear all of my new peplum tops and dresses long after everyone has forgotten this modern rebirth, so I’ll still be vintage and adequately non-fashionable by modern standards! 😉

    Thanks for the follow-up review of that lipstick, too! Very good to know it’s such a good brand. I thought all drugstore lipsticks were hopeless!

    • mrslucard says:

      It did come with the bow! I actually thought about trying to remove it, but I’m glad I didn’t. Its a nice touch.

      I remember when drugstore lipsticks weren’t so bad. Maybelline’s Moisture Whip (I still remember Linda Carter’s commercials) and Moisture Extreme weren’t so bad. Or maybe I was just too young to know the difference?

  2. swgarasu says:

    I love seeing all the cute outfits that come out of red and black week! The poor husbands with blogging wives tho…mine too!

  3. LOL my husband hates when I make him take outfit photos of me for my blog! I LOVE that top, so cute! I want it!

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