Black Suits Comin’


Red and Black week continues with another work outfit!  Remember yesterday I said I could rock a black suit like nobody’s business?  Well…

Technically it's not a suit...

Technically it’s not a suit…

This is actually my brocade patterned skirt from Target (Ms. Kitty and I have a couple of skirts in common!) paired with a black suit jacket.  This happens to be my favorite one – it’s by A. Byer.  It’s tailored and fits my shape well.  I am almost 100% sure it bought it at Belk.

Pop of red!

Pop of red!

And the reveal of the red top!  I’ve had this top since 2005, I think, and it’s also from Belk.  When I lived in southern West Virginia, I bought a lot of my work clothes from Belk.  This top popped up around Valentine’s Day.  It originally had a little strap across the throat with a weird little heart charm on it.  It was gold toned, and it had to be removed each time the top was washed.  I finally got sick of it and took it off. I prefer to wear a choker anyway.

The shoes are Jessica Simpson.  They’re kind of old and beat up now, but I love them.  I even wore them at my wedding!

I’m wearing that Snow White lipstick to death, as you can see.  I am in love with the color.  It goes so well with this outfit.

These photos (taken over lunch hour at work) are by one of my lovely coworkers.  A big thanks to her, and to Ms. Kitty of Sophistique Noir for Hosting Red and Black Week!

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6 Responses to Black Suits Comin’

  1. Lynoire says:

    Oh, wow, you’re so elegant…! o.O

  2. You truly DO rock a black suit! And that top LOVES you! This combination is so striking, right down to the black choker with red detail (definitely better than a built-in necklace on the top, I think). And of course, I love that skirt! 😉

  3. AWESOME outfit! You look fantastic. This would be like my dream work outfit. Also, the Jessica Simpson brand certainly has some nice shoes!

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