Bun Update

Just a quick update on Little Baby Bunny’s condition…

She’s been eating, drinking, and playing since we brought her home Friday night.  She takes her medicine quite willingly (it’s fruit flavored, so it’s a treat for her).  The ER vets had us put her on a regimine of Critical Care assist feed food for the week.  Unlike certain other bunny rabbits of my acquaintance, she will eat it willingly right out of the bowl.  But we make her take it from the syringe because otherwise she gets it all over her face!

They also have us giving her IV fluids.  She’s fairly good for that as well, if a little confused by it all.  It makes me a complete nervous wreck, though, because I am terrified of needles and hate wielding them about as much as being on the receiving end.

It's Baby!  I took this on Saturday.

It’s Baby! I took this on Saturday.

Her regular vet read over the ER reports and doesn’t seem too worried.  He is going to redo the blood work on Thursday to see what shows up, but he believes she got a mild tummy ache and became dehydrated as a result.  Dana got her to the vet in plenty of time to prevent a full blown case of GI Stasis.

Poor Malice was in a state by the time we got home on Friday night.  Having us gone all day and then to have Dana show up and “steal” her bunny didn’t sit well. Both she and Shelly gave her a complete examination when we got home with her!

Thank you to everyone who expressed their good wishes for her!  And I apologize for the sheer size of the photos in my last post.  It’s the first post I’ve ever done completely in the app for my phone…I attempted to edit them via the web to no avail.

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4 Responses to Bun Update

  1. Buns and other pets of their bent (IE Guinea pigs) are so hard to bring back from something like that, because by the time you notice they’re sick, they’re almost dead anyway. Good on you for being such a great Bun parent :D.

    From a Piggy Momma Wheek Wheek!

  2. Linnea-maria says:

    Oh I thought baby was a cat. I have two bunnies and I know how worried you get when they are sick.

    • Linnea-maria says:

      …And of course I wish her a good recovery

      • mrslucard says:

        It’s really scary when they don’t eat, because that’s usually a sign they’re sick. And of course, our experience with Chewie Biteums where he stopped eating and never really started again…but the bloodwork today came back a-okay. She was probably just dehydrated from not drinking water all that day.

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