No, It Cannot Be Summertimes Nao!!

Was it really three months ago that I wrote this post?  Unbelievable!

This summer has mostly been a bust.  Northern Virginia/DC just didn’t have the high temperatures and humidity we normally get.  I don’t think we ever hit 100 degrees this year! I got to go to the pool all of twice.  Several weekends were stormy or threatened to be; but mostly the water was just too cold and it wasn’t warm enough to really enjoy reading by the pool.  I did find a nice shady spot to set up, but even so Alex joined me for a little bit only once.

At least I had it all to myself...

At least I had it all to myself…

We tried to take a road trip to Alex’s mother’s place in Rehobeth Beach.  Of course Baby chose that week to decide not to eat.  We wound up taking her to the vet instead.  It looked like the problem was with her teeth so they did a tooth trim.  We were talking about rescheduling that trip for September…but it looks like she’s going to have to go back again (maybe as often as every three weeks!) so we’ve scrapped that for now, too.

The worst part is that the gym in my building has been closed.  I’m not sure what they’re doing to it but it’s taking forever.  No one seems to know when it might be ready to open again.  I’ve been taking the stairs more, getting off the bus farther away in the evenings,  and walking around my office’s neighborhood at lunch as much as I can, but it’s not the same workout I can get on the treadmill.  Unfortunately, it shows.

We did have a lovely time for Alex’s birthday earlier this month.  We had brunch at the Terrance Restaurant at The Kennedy Center for the first time.  That was really wonderful!  And then we had tickets for the last performance of The Lion King.

Summer isn’t really “over” until the Solstice, of course, but the Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of the season.  That means our pool will close after the holiday and a lot of the little touristy places Alex wanted to take me to at the beach will be closing too.

I normally look so forward to the autumn…but this year, the end of summer has me feeling very melancholy.

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2 Responses to No, It Cannot Be Summertimes Nao!!

  1. Linnea-maria says:

    Oh, I’m sorry that your summer was a cold one. I guess we got all the warmth here in Sweden.
    About your header; Everytime I see a weeping angel covering her eyes it reminds me of the Dr Who Episode “Blink” in season 3. Horryfying 🙂

    • mrslucard says:

      The Weeping Angel was a really popular cosplay at Awesome Con when we went. Some people did it really well (and really got into character). I’m not a Dr. Who fan, myself, but I had to come home and look them up after.

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