Anywhere You Go Let Me Go Too…


This month, Professor Z’s homework assignment is our fur kids!  I can’t get over how timely these blogging themes have been lately…as our fur family just increased by one!

On Tuesday I received a text from my husband that said “I found a kitten.  Can I keep her?”  Thinking he’d found a poor little abandoned baby outside in the cold on his way to run errands, I said “Sure.  Get it vetted and bathed.”  He’d actually “found” the kitten at Petco.  She was there from Last Chance Rescue, and had been in a kill shelter.  I agreed that he should go ahead and get her.

She is my Angel of Music

She is my Angel of Music

He took her to the vet that evening, where she promptly fell off the exam table.  Twice.  She already reminded me of my Princess Leia coloring wise.  But Leia was the most graceless, klutzy cat I ever knew.  Honestly I was in love with her before I ever left my office.  But when we got her home and let her out of the carrier and she started giving me body rubs right off the bat…well there was no doubt I’d found my kitten. Because she reminded me of Leia in so many ways, I decided to name her Angel of Music.  Leia always loved to hear me sing (even after she lost her hearing, she’d put her head against my throat when I sang to her) so Angel of Music was one of her many nicknames.

"I'll help you write this blog post!"

“I’ll help you write this blog post!”

She came to us with an upper respiratory infection, so she’s mostly been sequestered away from Shelly and Malice.  We keep her in our bedroom during the day and at night, she goes into Baby’s old cage so the door can be opened.  The few times she’s been around Shelly, Shelly has reacted well – “well” for someone who’s terrified of kittens, that is.  She basically sniffed her, licked her face, and went on.  Malice on the other hand is livid. She comes into the bedroom randomly and growls in the direction of the cage.  She hates to see Alex interacting with the kitten.  So we’re taking it slow.  Once she’s off her antibiotic and feeling better, she’ll get a bath and be allowed supervised play with the other girls.

Before we realized she had a URI.  Shelly was content to hang out with her, if you can believe it!

Before we realized she had a URI. Shelly was content to hang out with her, if you can believe it!

Angel is ridiculously happy to have a home and a family, even if she’s confined to one room and spending some nights in a cage.  She’s very playful, and we discovered that she’s perfectly capable of entertaining her self when she has to – given the right toys, of course!  She’s also very sweet and snuggley, and very good at full body rubs.

Tuesday was kind of a big day for Angel.

Tuesday was kind of a big day for Angel.

I’m glad we got her when we did, even if we had family visiting for the holidays.  I have gotten to spend more time with her than I normally would, since I had time off.

I’ve told Malice’s story before thought I don’t think I’ve ever clarified why we named her “Malice.”

Alex and Alice at the vet.

Alex and Alice at the vet.

When we first saw her at NoVA Cat Clinic, she was Little Alice.  While I was fine with the name (she was my little Alice in Wonderland) Alex was not.  And oddly enough, neither was she.  She cringed away when we used it; we finally realized it was the harsh “Ay” sound.  So for two weeks, we fought over her name.  Alex wanted to name her Bitey or Hanako (Japanese toilet spirit – um, how about no?). Finally I got sick of arguing over it.  I decided to stick an M on her name and see how that went.  She took to it fine! She she became Duchess Malice Kittington, and thus she remains.

Malice grew up into a beautiful tabby cat.  If you follow my Instagram (or look at it in the sidebar once in a while) you’ll see a lot of pictures of her.

Kittens say fresh longer if stored in paper sacks.

Kittens say fresh longer if stored in paper sacks.

Look at this crap!

Look at this crap!

She is a walking photo op.

Santa Cat!

Santa Cat!

She’s very much Daddy’s Girl, though.  She took to Alex that first day, and has been his kitten ever since.  And yes, we do still call her Malice Kitten.  She never quite grew up (though she did grow out!) and she’ll always be our Kitten.

Shelly Burrfoot has been with me thirteen years.  It’s hard to believe, really.  But I got her back in 2001, when I was still in college.  She was found by some friends of my mother’s who, while not taking her in exactly, made sure she was fed.  Mom saw her, and wanted her, so they had no problem giving her away.  We believe she was about a year old then.

The first photo taken the day after we got her.

The first photo taken the day after we got her.

She walked in like she had lived with us all her life.  She slept most of the first day, but then after that she didn’t stop moving for about eleven years!

She's so pretty.

She’s so pretty.

Shelly was always the playful one, though she was also somewhat timid. She would pick at Boo, trying to get him to play, until he’d eventually turn on her and beat her up.  Leia was always her champion.

"I like Xmas."

“I like Xmas.”

Shelly was even afraid of thunder, which I’d never heard of in cats.  I say “was” because she’s now on anti-anxiety medication.  She does a lot better during storms, but she was still terrified of Baby Malice when we got her last year.  I’m not sure why she isn’t scared of Angel.  Maybe because she reminds her of Leia.  Maybe because she’s bigger and looks less like a baby kitten.  Whatever it is, I’m not questioning it!

"I'm pretty."

“I’m pretty.”

Shelly was always ridiculously healthy, until we moved to Virginia.  Then it seemed like everything went wrong really fast.  She had to have teeth pulled.  Then she had hyperthyroid and had to have radiation therapy.  Then she was misdiagnosed with kidney failure, and almost died from the inflammatory bowel that was the actual cause of her weird bloodwork. But these days she’s doing really well.  She’s gained a bit of weight, but otherwise seems happy and healthy.  I’m lucky to have had thirteen wonderful years with her, and I hope I get to have many more.

So there you have it – My Girls. They’re all very different from one another, but I love all three of them with all of my heart.

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4 Responses to Anywhere You Go Let Me Go Too…

  1. SylvieD says:

    Your cats are very cute. I liked reading their story 🙂

  2. vulcanbutterfly says:

    AW! It must be lovely to have three of them!!

  3. They are absolutely beautiful, all three.

  4. AWWWW! Congrats on your newest addition! Gorgeous kids! Moo came to us named Alice — what the heck?!? And like Malice, she backed up and hid every time I used it. She came running when I called her Moo, so it stuck. 🙂

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