Status Report – A New Twist

It’s Status Report time.  This is the first one I’ve participated in, I think? Thanks to Trystan for hosting!

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, and always have done. It’s thin and fine, oily at the roots and dry at the ends, subject to static and fly-aways, and very, very fragile.  I don’t have the skills required to deal with hair like mine.  And unfortunately I enjoy having crazy long hair.

The problem with doing work hair, for me, is that I do like to wear it long and loose, but the texture just doesn’t allow for that during a full work day.  It takes forever to dry and curl, and I’m lucky if the style holds until I make it across the street to the bus stop.  Even when it does, the fine strands generally don’t stay put and are clinging to my face halfway through the day. As much as I love updos, I’ve never been good at them – I lack the necessary manual dexterity, as I’ve mentioned in a few other posts.  Generally I can manage to make the back look okay, but the front looks horrid.  So far, I have only managed to half assedly master one style and I think that’s due in part to the fact that the style specifically addresses the front/sides of the hair.

I would dearly love to be able to wear the psuedo-Victorian styles I see online, but most of them are beyond me.  The Freckled Fox is one of my favorite blogs for hair but I don’t have the ability or the proper type of hair to replicate most of her styles – even with her easy to follow directions.

Still, I derive a lot of excellent inspiration from her, and have been practicing! That led me to come up with the simple, yet elegant twist I’ve been wearing to work lately.  It’s easy to do (it has to be!) and it can look so sophisticated (when I do it right).

What it typically looks like in back.

What it typically looks like in back.

If you have thick hair, it simply involves gathering it into a ponytail, wrapping it around your hand to form a bun, laying that down and pinning it.

The day I nailed it - profile view of my new favorite style.

The day I nailed it – profile view of my new favorite style.

The other side....

The other side….

For me and my thin hair, I try to get some volume under the top section.  I generally gather that separately and try to pouf it up a bit.  Then as I flatten the bun part down, I slide it forward just slightly, giving the top part some lift.

And the front. This is why I say I nailed it that day - I rarely get it to look this good in front.

And the front. This is why I say I nailed it that day – I rarely get it to look this good in front.

It’s not this perfect every time.  But even on days when it’s not exactly as I’d like it, it’s a great style to wear to work.  It takes very little time, keeps my hair up and out of my way, and it looks great!  The best part is how thick and full and wonderful it looks in the evenings when I take it down.

Normally in the heat of summer I don’t bother with the blow dryer every day.  I let my hair dry on the bus ride, and put it up after I get to work.  But this year I’ve been using some heat activated thickening products to pump my hair up a bit – I’m loving them so much, I’m torn between wanting to use them and saving time/energy by skipping the heat!

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4 Responses to Status Report – A New Twist

  1. I love this updo, you look gorgeous! I know what you mean about getting volume, my hair was very fine also, so getting it into a decent style was tricky.

  2. Emily McCrary says:

    That looks great! Very elegant.

  3. SylvieD says:

    That is a gorgeous updo!

  4. vulcanbutterfly says:

    Love this style for work! I also really suck at doing hair, I should really practice more!

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