The Last Ride

I just wanted to leave a little note that I won’t be updating this blog any longer.

I want to thank all of my readers for sticking with me.  If you’re looking for something great to read, check out the sidebar over there – a lot of great blogs are on my reading list, so please check them out!

Bright Blessings, blogosphere.

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6 Responses to The Last Ride

  1. Oh no! That’s sad. I hope it’s not due to any serious reason, and only due to the fact one does get tired of coming up with new things to write about. 😉

    Still on Instagram though, I hope? I never tire of kitty pictures. 🙂

    • mrslucard says:

      No, I just ran out of interesting things to say. If I ever had any to begin with. But yeah, I will be on Instagram. Malice is way too photogenic for me to stop taking photos of her!

  2. Well Boo! Best of luck to you! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. I am sorry to see you go! 😦

  4. Matt Black says:

    Not too wise, earthling.
    If you do that, pretty soon
    the devil will take full control
    and I wont see you again for eternity.
    Yes, dear, Satan exists as does Jesus.
    Both are waging a fierce war on thy soul…
    and when you pass-away,
    the one who you worsipped moe,
    will grab you and take you.

    Your choice, dear. Your demise.
    God bless your indelible soul.
    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

  5. Geraldcoott says:

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