About & Legal

About Me

I’m a thirty something administrative assistant/secretary with a legal and marketing background.  I grew up in southern West Virginia, but now live in the DC Metro area with my husband and our beloved pets.  I didn’t grow up with a goth scene, and had no idea there even was one until I was almost out of my teens, so I really was that one “weird kid in black” all through school!  I’m also a Pagan, but not any particular kind nor am I particularly stringent in my practice.  I am mostly drawn to Celtic and Norse Gods/Goddesses in case you were wondering.

The look I aspire to can be described as “romantic” or “Victorian inspired” goth – I adore velvet and lace, boned corsets and long skirts, chokers and sky high platform heels. Though given my “nine-to-five” gig, corpgoth tends to reign supreme most days (and even my corpgoth tends toward the vintage).  I don’t wear a lot of color, corporate gig or no.  My favorite design element is probably spiderweb (though I can do without the spiders) and I’ve worked it into pretty much everything I can at this point (I think).


My musical tastes are eclectic, but I’m a metal head at heart and probably always will be. Danzig, Type O Negative, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Krypteria, Manowar, Within Temptation, Leaves’ Eyes, and After Forever are some of my favorites, though you’ll find a bit of everything on my iPhone:  Celtic Woman, Ego Likeness, Xandria, Tapping the Vein, Mozart, Loreena McKinnett, Souxie, Fleetwood Mac, Adele, Bach and even a playlist of James Bond movie themes…I think there’s some country on my computer somewhere. And for a Pagan, I own a lot of Christmas music.

I enjoy reading, writing, going to museums/operas/plays/WWE shows and traveling with my husband, playing dress up for the hell of it, electronic gadgets of almost any kind, and trying out new cuisines I’ve never had before.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and has been as long as I can remember.  I love dragons and kittens…and all things dark, lacey, and/or velvet.

About the Blog

This blog will be a little bit of whatever strikes my fancy.  I love talking about and experimenting with makeup; I enjoy dressing up and exploring fashion, dark and otherwise (I can be quite the Judgy McFashionpants, let me tell you); I adore my pets and telling stories about the cute things they do and the odd dynamic they have; and I have so many adventures with my husband in and around Washington, DC and on our travels to various places.  I may even just diary a bit. So many stories to tell – I hope you enjoy reading it all.

There will also be photos.  Of my makeup experiments, outfits, museums and attractions we see, my pets (I did mention how much I love them, right?) and of course, cemeteries.

Regarding the name I chose for the blog:  I really wanted to call it Cemetery Dance for some reason. I love beautiful old cemeteries, and wish I got to visit more.  That also happens to be the title of one of the books in a series I particularly like by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  But of course you know that Cemetery Dance was already taken!  So I decided to name it after another of the books in the series. Reliquary and Cabinet of Curiosities were both taken.  Still Life with Crows just wasn’t right.  I liked the cover of Two Graves.  So here we are.  I might even use the cover on my header at some point!

Speaking of the header, in keeping with the name of the blog, I plan to use mostly images of graves and cemeteries.  Hopefully, it will be photos I’ve taken myself.  In the event, however, that I do find something that’s just too awesome not to use, I will endeavor to get permission first.  And of course, a photo credit here and a link back to the source.

Current Header Photo:

06/24/14:  This was taken on June 6th at the little cemetery near Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA.  We didn’t have a lot of time to spend there, but Alex made sure I got a good photo of this one.  It was my favorite.

Legal Mumbojumbo

This should go without saying, but all content, text and photographs, on this blog are Copyright Guinevere J. Lucard (unless otherwise noted) and all rights are reserved.  The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone.

I love trying new things and I enjoy writing about and sharing my opinions (obviously).  If you’d like to send me something to review on the blog, I might be open to that.  But before you contact me, please keep in mind that my review will be 100% honest and unbiased by the fact that I got something free.



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