eBay Listings

From time to time, as we go through our things and eliminate those we no longer need or want, I will list items on eBay for sale.  You’re most likely to find anime DVDs or Blu Rays,  RPG source books (some long out of print), board games (special editions, out of print editions, and some exclusives), books, toys, dolls, movies, video games, and the occasional Coach bag.  Sometimes I’ll have a pair of shoes or an item of clothing (unworn, of course) but those are rare;  I haven’t had as much luck selling those as some other items.

You can click here  and also here for the most current listings of what’s available – and do check back often!  Or add ladyknightsong and/or subculturalicon to your favorite sellers.

I’ve mentioned that Shelly almost died in 2013 and had to be hospitalized.  She’s also had to undergo ongoing arthritis treatment.  Additionally, Malice has allergies and has to have shots! So all of the proceeds of our eBay auctions have went toward paying off various vet bills.

I'm cute!

I’m cute!

Thank you!


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